Time for Change


Most of the time i think what i do   to make some changes in the  society, but finally i found  nothing, things changes as natural way  , there is no role of mine .recently i talk to many   peoples of kushwaha community they all appreciate the work but no one come forward to  walk with me . i am not blaming  community may be i  went to wrong door . i say , sure with  days many of my friends  will come forward with me  to do some changes that is needed .

there is many  things we need to work on  from education to   medicine . i don’t know from where i start as  many work need to be done .  yes   with the internet is  good to bring  kushwaha from different  locations and  share thoughts with them.  now the  children’s  from our community getting into  better education and many engineers and doctors are  comes each year .    many peoples are capable  in our community is hard to see  those in dormant state  no reactions ,some time just words , if we talk about reforms  it cant  be achieved   just we talk   , it can only  be  success when we implement it and come forward to do something  for the peoples who needs much. being  engineer  i   am trying as much as  i can  yes  its not optimal and never be sure .

The main important thing is not just education of style of living  , the main things is unity and some   local  society who work for the peoples  to motivate , help, share and  disscuss in area level. we cant only make  central  organization  but we need to make  local organizations who work for the development  on ground level . sometime we say there is government who will work  but  its not possible to see 100 crore of peoples   at a time  there may be  many places left  and  many people unseen .   yes many ngo works  even but  still   the conditions of farmars are  not good at all and we belong to  that community , our life is much near to soil.

There  is need to make society at  area level  so they can do following works:

1. unite peoples

2.  work in the reform in the community that is needed. try  work for the community at individual level as much we can.

3. work to save the land of farmers  as we are much backward.

4 work  in  helping community boys and girls to  get suitable match for wedding.

5. work to educate and help who are not capable

6. need protect peoples  from any threats

the purpose of the society should be  to unite peoples and grow better instead of any political  or personnel interest.   the things  only makes worse when we try to use peoples   for our purpose  like  any political ways  or try to divide   the  country based on community that is worse for   nation, we need  to organize to develop society to unite and  make   better synchronization  with other  peoples in our country and make our  country  much better  and much stronger.

i wish to see a developed india   where no body lives below any poverty lines  and all lives  good healthy life and  always  happy.


  1. well… what could have been done in the past and what can we do in the present differs by a very thin line of possibility… we have chances now to do a lot for community.. and yes unity is one of those factors which will give inertia to our efforts… but what pinches me is that this wonderful site which is doing a unique job of bringing all kushwahas, mauryans, etc etc but not a single member comes and comment on articles, forums, thinkings, ideas… what i mean is if we, the community members will not discuss the issues then how will we know what community people in different states think of their community? we all should come forward so that atleast we will know whats running in our mind..