Kushwaha in Jharkhand


In jharkhand there is huge population  of kushwaha. yet the state is backward  but  in recent year i seen alot of changes  in living style of peoples. now its good to see  many kushwaha  doctors and engineers and even holding  good places in the service of peoples.  education of  female is still poor  but  its  developing with days  now  atleast  females got better in education.  thing changing but still need lot of work in the community  .  still lacks  unity  among the peoples no central  association who guides the peoples . no such really working   society who really working  for the society . word  never justify  the work  only the implementation  show the  quality.

Lots of  things needed for the community and  also its  also the responsibility of  peoples who holding position or  who can help  to grow the community by work and money even. now its very important thing needed is matrimonial match  making for the poor peoples in society who cant effort  to arrange the wedding of their children. unless we think nobody will come and think for us .  its our  responsibility for the  society  to grow  parallel  like others . still having more then 20% ( i don’t have accurate data)of population we still backward  and  not treated well  even   .   each drop  important each  our effort is  important to make  our community    develop and   sure contribute for the society . may be people  think  i am  communal but   i say    i am  trying  where i know well  , i am doing to make  people unite  and  work of the development of community,  we are part of  country and its our responsibilty to develop where we can do some impact . kushwaha  are mostly farmers and   our life is mostly based on farming  if  good rain, good land  then we sustain . there is need to bring  all kushwaha who can  do something for the society ,   if we wait   thinking  some  come forward it never happen unless we put our step forward .  things never happen in a day   but sure if we try it will  give some impact in  coming year. we think why we do for anybody wasting money somethime  but its also truth  we die one day  if we do something for the  peoples who need  it always worth that is  always a good prayer toward god .

its bad to see the  miserable condition of kushwaha in india .  we living a hardlife , we work hard but not appreciated much  . i just say  people must come farward to help those  who need help and i am saying to whom those who can do something .  no need to ask any body while helping any person  just help  them, we must not expect anything  on return but its a good feeling that comes from inner of  our soul  that we did something good .

we cant wait government do  everything its not even possible  to  see millions of peoples in our country its our  social responsibility even to   think for the development of the peoples .  we all are human and we must do something for the development of the peoples  and humanity.

lets people come forward  regardless of  any difference we must serve the peoples and  think for their development


  1. Hi Amit,

    Really appreciate the efforts and the thoughts that u have to bring our community up…but reality is that we as communiyt are still backwards as we ourself dont have unity..we feel jealous when someone from our community is growing..so yes u r right when u say things r chnging…but we need to chng the mindset of people..which will really take time and lots of efforts

  2. @rohit: Thanx a lot for ur comments. As u said its tough , time taken and require lots of effort…..it means its possible. !! lets try together …:)
    and be sure to hold the hand of your nearer when u grow , otherwise if there hands will remain free…thay may start pulling u back..!!!

    “WALK HAND IN HAND”” Thats why we talk about equality….for peace and growth.

  3. Hi Amit,
    Really appreciate your thoughts: For the development of our nation as a whole, every community has to develop, every society, every state has to ensure developement across communities, social sements or group.

    What i feel about this community is that by merely addressing “Issue of underprevileged” things cannot be changed. There has to be some concrete steps , put some unique efforts in right direction for the upliftment of our backward group then things can be put on place. Also we as a group need to ensure that if we really want to put significant impact, there has to be a start… Who will come forward??

    I strongly appeal to all 470 odd members of this community to discuss about theses issues and lets make some efforts to ensure equality, education and overall development of this society.. then only we can make our people, society, state and nation stronger and better.. Overall foundation of a Developed society starts from a family. This is kushwaha family. SO LETS MAKE THIS FAMILY BIGGER, BETTER AND SIGNIFICANT FAMILY….

    There is no communism in promoting this family.. Every one knows about Aggrawal community.. they are stronger, united and culturally renowned..why they ensure betterment of every single unit of their society.. we need to proceed in the same or may be better manner…

    Looking forward to see some volunteers coming on front and have some courageous start..

    Ranjeet Mahto.
    Bokaro, Jharkahnd.

    • Thanks for your words , its more important people come forward , words never justify things
      if we want development for nation we need start from our home , its need united approach
      , all need participate instead trap on politics , we need clear about our thoughts what we want.
      join our fb group disccuss with other members , check the link on website tab