developing kushwaha


Education is still the main key for the development of the  peoples  and the kushwaha  society ,  whatever we talk  or think  it wont be succeed unless we implement .  still the   female education in kushwaha society is  not much in  rural areas , still they get married in early age  thats   really not good news . yes its good to see  female education in urban areas  is developed a lot and even many engineers and doctors are  coming, yes  its less but its improving with days . i appreciate some good work even done by the kushwaha in ramgarh in jharkhand  to   make a nice community hall   now that really good for them while any meeting or wedding , its sure helps a lot. i cant just limit the thaught  to just jhrakhand , bihar or UP ,  its neeeded development in all places . there is need to have better life style  , i don’t mean better life style is somesort of standard i mean it clean and healthy.

Yes  lots of  work is done  even by many community peoples in many places  to  have some  picnic to know each other, but its just  only only needed once in years  but sure needed in  some  sort interval,  , its really glad to see many  events are going in other part of the country, but its also need  some centralized way so   people can go and  meet other peoples  from different  part of the country.


  1. ‎1974 के जे पी आंदोलन का भी मुख्य मुद्दा भ्रष्टाचार था.किन्तु कैसे कैसे लोग उस आंदोलन से जुड़ते गए, किस तरह सांप्रदायिक ताकतों ने उसका फायदा उठाया, भ्रष्टाचार का मुद्दा किस तरह गायब हो गया, यह सब बिल्कुल समकालिन है.शहीद जगदेव प्रसाद ने १९७४ के आंदोलन के बारे में कहा था कि मुद्दे सही हैं किन्तु नेतृत्व गलत है. इसी के आधार पर उन्होंने अपने लोगों को जे.पी. आंदोलन से दूर रहने की सलाह दी थी.जगदेव प्रसाद ने यह बात दलित-बहुजन आंदोलन की जमीन पर खड़ा रह कर कहा था.क्या बाबा रामदेव और अन्ना हजारे के आंदोलन में भी यही रूख लेना होगा?

    SO dont support Anna

  2. we cant justify things from past to present, things changed a lot , now people educated they know whats really good or works better for them , i say we cant live life where lots of corruption if steps are taken in term of reform we must support anna hazare .

  3. people who r in good position should at least give their precious time in up lift meant of kushwaha community
    by providing some short of opportunity for poor people such as in business help in development or whose child is talented and have no money for higher education can be funded by group of people from our community