How To Help Our Community


You wants Help your Community ..Do you Really wants ?


Again its a Remainder , how  you wants help  our community, its important because  its our duty same time responsibility

Why we are Expecting  someone come forward instead why don’t you  move forward  to help students  , families in our community who really need your help,

First we need  be  human , its needed motivation to  help each other thus unity can be achieved in our community,    our peoples really need help , we are farmers  our economy is always  unstable  depend on  many factors ,   help our  peoples who lives near you , whom you know might be your relatives friends  , Families , thus our community will grow

If we want grow our community stronger we need help each other , we need  have right approach  so 100%  help can be delivered  ,  if you are  financially  good help our peoples near by ,you can even motivate others same time thats even helps our community  .

How you can help :
1.  see your relatives  if they  need any help , financially , emotionally ,  time based
2. See   community peoples near by  help them based on need , medicines , suggestions , motivations
3. Help students  if needed books , fees
4. help poor  families for wedding , or any financial support
5.suggest peoples  even guide them if needed on right path

you can  do this,  your  one step will motivate other to do  so  .  this will be  best way to develop our community , please think  even forward other community peoples .

Register  to our website  interact with other kushwaha  , have better environment  stay connected .

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you   can help our community to grow  bigger and serve our community, please help togather and walk along for the betterment  of  our community , help each other to so  we all be  connected  and serve our community thus country .

forward this  post  to other community peoples you know  this will be the best way to be part of  our team to serve our community.

Contact us to be active  member  to serve  our community.

Thanks Regard
(Administrator & Developer)

Amit singh kushwaha