About Us

We made kushwaha.in to  give a platform to our community to  share  thoughts , ideas and  their skills , here we  made platform   for whole kushwaha community to  grow together and  build  links with  eacth other .  kushwaha.in started in 2009  with approch to provide  news and  informations about our community , we worked to provide  information regarding our history and glorious past. With years we are connected with various  kushwaha  community around India, sharing ideas with each other  and  developing our group.

Why Kushwaha.in ?

We  had  a dream to   provide  services to our community , now we  added various  services  in our  website , matrimonial is one  of them to serve our community and help them to create a better  match for  community members , we added Guest writer section so our community members can share their  ideas and  knowledge to our community ,  same time we worked to  create  business  directory    to promote our community  business  people and  to help our coming generation we  also made job  portal so they can  be updated with various  openings.


Our mission for this site is that it becomes one of the best sources of accurate, current information about the Kushwaha community in India.

Email us: info@ kushwaha.in