New India


Determination comes  when we   make mind to  do something , lets make  mind and do something for our country .We  really need    corruption free India    , the  corruption increases that much its  unacceptable .  many corruption stories  building each day  , yes some  comes into light but many already  into the dark.  how it can be possible  to build a new India  , we are 121 crores of peoples  and many  uncounted .   How  to  move forward and think for the country . Swami ram dev   sure a name  in the crowed doing some impact  for the society , for the country .  its never been easy for him either to fight with the wolfs who wants to kill cow   all the way .  many   obstetrical comes , many  counter attack happens , many mind   game played to stop his campaign  but who stops a person who dedicated his life for the  service of human kind. after the yoga he  did lot changes in the life style of peoples.  he  did much  impacts  to the life  of peoples .  its not a matter  to see negative side  as other do  and claims all the time , its a matter to   see the contribution and results  and  justify  approach  right or wrong .

If  he  claiming about the  black money in millions and trillions of rupees   and other counter  attack him  to stop his campaign  its  truly unacceptable , Now things changed, peoples are educated  they know whats wrong or right , same time its the responsibility of peoples to move forward  against such  activities we cant just  watch news  as some entertainment but we must  do some reactions  same time , we cant  only  run when we see our home  burning  but we must  see  and respond when  our  country into fire , we are part of this country and  if it  effected by any thing sure it will effect our homes .   if we think for the better future and better life of  our family, our beloved ones we must  think for the   better nation which sure will responsible for building better  life.

Now time comes we must think beyond any religion  or any separation,  if  we assumed things will be fine that way , this way, this place  . i say  non of place is bad or good , non of people is bad  its depend on our mindset how we  lives with  such conditions.  we  are most intelligent  creation of god  and we know what is  right or wrong even  so its on  us  how  we make the environment better and  live happy .  We cant be  fooled  by the word of some  peoples who  trying  break the unity for  some of their personnel benefits , we have  our understandings and mind to justify  right or wrong and make the condition better .

Building India  cant be happen  unless  each peoples lives in the country be happy and have  fearless smile .   its still great to see the great culture of india and  its tradition, if we do  some united approach to  build our life better  this will  gives more satisfaction .  lets   move together  and makes our country better .  this is one india  one  earth we cant move to  other planet and  think for better life . please think again .