kushwaha why lossing identity


Being  have the great   history , great culture   but  why  kushwaha being  lossing the identity, its important  unless  people  know history they never understand its value .  kushwaha  are the  are descent of kusha the son of ram, who  is ram we all know, who is kusha we all know but why    the identity of kushawha is  seems is  thrown some where. still  even the  peoples in community dont know who we are  , where is our origin . maurya dynasty, ashoka the great   we all know them , we   all know  the greatness of the king that  rules the  most of the india , but some  sure  dont know   they were  kushwaha , even  lord buddha   was kushwaha .  its important we  must share  our history to new genration so they must know and proud  to be kushwaha, we are farmers and  sure  serve for the development of the country ans state  , its also important to  save our idnetity so other must proud on us . its more important to  know our identity .

when some says  kushwaha   are   farmers i say yes  we are  were proud  about it,  they never know the real meaning of kushwaha which is hidden  in the name itself . we   belong to the Suryavanshi lineage , we are  Kshatriya  if we know ourself well  ,   all  call lord  ram kshatriya   then sure the son will be same  and same the whole family who belong  to that  .  we must be proud  to know our identity and our history and sure tell others  about it , its more important  our coming generation know it and always  proud about it . dont be hidden its not needed come  like the sun  which all can see and feel .

Nothing  happen in a day  or a moth  but if we start it will be happen in sure some years .  dont loss or  being  hide  the identity  rather then save it and grow well, lets world know the great    history of  kushwaha and  proud to be like that  , i also wish   if peoples  being scattered with different names  if they  come  with single     global title for all  . i see its many titles  and  its hard to identity even  who is what and its also the  peoples in  community dont even wants to be  show  who are they , its not i am saying  because  i  feel it happens .

have the common titles and   know the great culture and history who is always  bright and  shine the  histroy to the comming genetaion.


  1. hi
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    may i know who are you and what are doing righte now i mean your qualification, profession,&family back ground address etc.
    before comenting on your’s creative thoughts it is mandatory for me to know about your’s
    thanking you sir
    vinod maurya

  2. hi amit..
    dear u have written that kushwahas are the descendants of “kusha”.. thats nice to hear but i ve searched a lot about it and many older respected kushwahas have commented on other websites that it is only the assumption and cannot be approbated.. i mean sanctioned that we r from kusha’s family…. i was watching ramayana and got to know that lord rama was a “suryavanshi” and i conceive that we are not suryavanshi…. are we really??
    next thing yeah its true that we r not much known but look at the beauty of the fact… since we r not knpwn therefore we made a stance to come forward isnt it?? i mean we all can feel the harmonical brotherhood very strongly.. bottom line is be positive and everything will fall into its place in time…

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  3. We have lost our identity because we did not give importance to education,which is backbone. we are farmers, and in the history farmers were never at the top in society. so, we should also participate in politics, we should take good education and we should unit together to help needy.