Jagdev Prasad (1922-1974) was a fearless leader from Bihar who fought for the cause of the backward and downtrodden sections of the society. Hailing from a humble background, the young Jagdev had to undergo many hardships to pursue his studies.

He secured a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Patna University in 1950. He joined the Socialist Party and contributed his mite to fight social inequalities and economic exploitation, which continued to stain the social fabric of India, despite the attainment of freedom.

In 1967, he contested for the 4th Bihar Assembly from Kurtha and emerged victorious. He played an important role in forming the first ever coalition government in Bihar with Mahamaya Prasad Singh as the Chief Minister.

He left the Government and the Party in anguish and formed his own ‘Shosit Dal’. Jagdev Prasad was also noted for his suave penmanship. His journalistic career started in 1953 with ‘Janata’, the organ of the Socialist Party. Later, he also edited the English weekly, ‘Citizen’ and the Hindi weekly, ‘Uday’.

The life and political career of Jagdev Prasad had an unfortunate end in 1974, when he received a bullet shot in his neck in the confusion which arose out of the police firing at a rally in Kurtha, which he was addressing.