This Article is by mr K.D Singh Noida

Hi good morning all of you KUSHWAHAbrothers. Today, through www.kushwaha.in. I appeal to you all use your name in this manner<Name>+<Singh>+<Kushwaha>.It will make great strength and existence in our state example (MP& RAJASTHAN).I know some one will ask you? But as far as my knowledge is concern about www.kushwaha.init is big platform of intellectuals & professionals of our community so definitely you will answer him easily.
1 <Name>says I am Sanatan “Hindu”show name taken from Sanskrit(ancient language of the world) or Vedas(ancient book of the world 3000 BC “RIGVEDA”)
2 <Singh> says I am Kshatriya (warriors & landlord) by nature or quality and ancestral history (Indian History)
3 <KUSHWAHA> says I am Kushvanshi (son of Lord Rama).you can refer him historian(a)James Tode (b)William Crooke (c)  TH Hedleystudy of Indian caste system . Brothers not only this you can show him Yayurveda (Vanshvriksha) or VALMIKI RAMAYAN- UTTARKAND SARG-107
I am not looking your smile because I am very far from you (physically) but I can feel your sentiment. Dear friends in fact my name was not in such a manner but I have changed it, after studding deep history. You know! Caste based census happened 3 times in BRITISH-INDIA. One of our great leaders was MANMATH KOERY (great historian & scholar)from our state. His proposal you can see (1926-SIMON COMMISSION).but unfortunately we have chosen this partially where as in RAJASTHAN & MPmost ofKUSHWAHAclan (Gotra OR Sub caste) taken due to his great leader SAWAI JAY SINGH-II” he was also last king of KUSHWAHAfrom Jaipur”Jaynagar”(in 1948 Govt of India honor him RAJPRAMUKH due to peace fully merging of state).
However some people are doing to organize our kushwaha, I appreciate those people spirit but it’s not enough after all it’s our responsibility as a part intellectual KUSHWAHAcommunity. Really brother no one will come to do miracle in our society. Right now many of my friends using SINGH KUSHWAHA Surname from Shekhawat clan (Ex Vice President of India BHAIRO SINGH SHEKHAWAT)but here why we are still using clan (Gotra or Sub caste)Surname. Its really confuse us. Others use same clan Surname.

  1. CHOWDHARY who rule more than 80-100 villages or panchayats during ISLAMIK-INDIA called chowdhary (famous KUSHWAHA leader SHAKUNI CHOWDHARY (cabinet minister in LALU RABRI PERIOD) But ABADHBIHARI CHOWRY from SIWAN yadav (RJD). No doubt it’s proud of clan (Gotra or sub caste) but not our IDENTITY. It can’t be our introduction.
  1. VERMA OR VARDHAN-its meaning in literature or history king derive from Sanskrit, pali or prakrit verman (RAJA OR KING) in some text HARSH VARDHAN (Kushwaha King Of Magadh In Mauryan Period) ancestor (successor), its ok we know as educated people. Apart from this many Kayashtha(LALA) and Sonar (GOLDSMITH).KUSHWAHA famous leader RAMDEV VERMA(CPM MORETHAN 20YEARS MLA )
  1. SINGH OR SINHA-its meaning lion came from Sanskrit some pali or prakrit text it is simha, singhal,singhe or sigla similarly in Arabic it is babar,babbar or sher. In Indian history it was showing KSHATRIYA status so HINDU KSHATRIYAS (SURYAVANSHI, CHANDRAVANSHI, and NAGAVANSHI & AGNIVANSHI) used for his identity. Example JAY SINGH & MAN SINGH (KUSHWAHA king) AMAR SINGH(RATHORE king)
  1. MAHTO OR MEHTA-according to Puranic Hindu Shatra Mahto or Mehta derives from MAHA SAMANT OR MAHTTA OR MAHTHA means small king under big kingdom. But when ghazani came they broke down (ISLAMIK-INDIA) our social structure of administration. Mahto become poorer due to paying more taxes (zazia APROX 25-50% of his earning ).Mahto were very kind people and religious by nature so some of them migrate to forest(jungle) they paid taxes but not converted into  ISLAM. They became cultivator (koiery).example SHAHDEV MAHTO (INC-MINISTER after in dependence).despite it contains meaning full word but right now no social status. Just a TARAK MEHTA KA UlTa cHASmA” but in villages it is famous proverb


* AJA GAJA KOERY RAJA (any how any way koiery is king)

5. BHAGAT-As I told you above MAHTO & MAHASAMANT were very religious by nature they were bhakta (devotee of lord VISHNU also vaishnav or vegetarian).In ISLAMIK-INDIA people of MAHASAMANT or MAHTO start to eat meat or chicken to fight against cruel Mohamaddan OR Malechha)but in other hand they had not taken meat fight called BHAGAT (most of BHAGAT koiery still by nature vegetarian)found in many district they made villages of cultivation “KOERY DIH”,  “KOERY GAMA”, “KACHER”,  “KACHERA”,“KHOIR”. Example district (SIWAN, GOPALGANJ, CHAPRA,SAMATIPUR, VAISHALI, GAYA, SASARAM, NALANDA, SITAMARDHI, MUZAFFARPUR AND BHAGALPUR).
6. MANJHI-were basically mukhiya or pradhan 5-10 villages or panchayat in some part of our state but during OR after MUGHAL-they loosethere status they live in society paid taxes(zazia25-50%) and fight for social status few among those are unable to pay taxes and don’t want to take ISLAMwent to jungle called ADIWASI or schedule tribe
TILKA MANJHI UNIVERSITY BHAGALPURshowing the status of patriotism & Nationalism ofMANJHI clan
According to Charles darvine: survival only depends on struggle
SO IN LAST CONCLUSION: –all KUSHWAHA “KSHTRIYA SURYAVANSHI”brothers JAGO” Start to do introduce at root level in your family in your societyor area. Write letters to local news paper in editorials. Write blogs. Organize seminars on monthly basis. Download or upload great people of KUSHWAHA’svideos clip on YouTube. It’s our introduction or existence we can make lyrics make album like JATS (JAT amla pagla diwana ho rabba itti si….pagri sambhal JAT pagri sambhal oye…).There is 0.0 % probability to ALIEN will come to praise our greatness & kindness (KUSHWAHA “KSHATRY SURYAVANSHI”)


  1. Hi

    You have done good job and good literature survey.
    I appreciate your effort. I really like the way you explained the meaning of each title.

    When I see the activity and nature of our caste fellow, I wonder how we are not developed.

    But the work you have started is eyeopener for many.

    with best wishes


  2. Dear Brother,

    I am also a Kshatriya. (Somavanshi)

    I was trying to find my roots (Origin) for a long time and was unable to get enough information, recently started getting more details about kshatriyas and our various clans.

    Appriciate your initative….

    My only request is atleast now after thousands of years, our motto should be to unite all the Kshatriya Clans and have a common kshatriya identity, however maintaining our individual clan/ tribe identity..

    My Moolapurusha is Sri.Kantiverya or Shasra Bahu or Sahaharjuna.. (As the story mentioned about him in Ramayana, Mahabharata and other puranas about the war with Parusharama who vowed to exteriminate Kshartiyas, due to which we as rulers disintegrated and migrated to various places through India)

    I have just begun my search and collecting the details and trying to connect the dots…

    What i want to do is try connect all the loose ends… Want to know if all the Kshatriya belonged to one particular leaneage or to different people. or due to migration and querrel among ourselves choose to identify with one particular King or warrior)

    Once again, i request we need to throughly study all the Kshatriyas and find that common thread.. Kindly keep me posted on latest developments and if possible mail me some research papers so that i can build upon them.



  3. Dear K. D. Singh Kushwaha Ji!
    Please accept my heartiest thanks for devoting a lot of precious time for the cause of our society. I respect your thoughts. Thousands of meaningless titles hamper our growth and we can neither identify our men nor can get mutual co-operation from our kin. All the efforts for unification as a single caste and development of sense of unity will go in vain if there are several titles. Title is just like a brand. By title of your name people makes assumptions about you. For example, if you are not writing any title or writing some very less known title, people think that this person must belong to some scheduled caste and all the things he earned is due to support of Government only, not by his own intellect. Just like when we go to market and presume quality of local little known products. Many persons have taken initiative to consolidate this caste and included all horticulturist castes from entire India to make a strong and populous caste which may show strength in present democratic scenario. Many leaders of this caste are working for merger of other similar castes with historically known Shakya, Maurya, Saini and Kushwaha branches. Some leaders are trying to give a single identity name to this caste like Brahmin, Rajput, Vaishya, Kayashtha, Jat, Gurjar, Kurmi, Lodhi and Yadav, but are not able to get a unanimous consensus. Some leaders of this caste is willing to give Shakya name to united caste to give tribute to Shakyamuni Buddha, the greatest person of this community who was honored by Maurya emperors and is only spiritual personality of India who is worshiped out of the country and is getting global respect. Some leaders want to give Kachchha Kshatriya name to united caste similar to Kurm Khatriyas and opined that this is real and the oldest name of this caste. Some other leaders wish to put the name as Maurya and give his opinion that this name shows royal touch and is a tribute to our great ancestors who established such a vast and grand empire that was neither repeated nor can be repeated. Other leaders like you who have belief in Hindu mythology, are willing to give name as Kushwaha and say that as this name is related to Kush son of Lord Ram, this will offer social respect to this caste in present dominated Hindu society of India. In fact, we are in transition stage of consolidation process. Due to consolidation process subgroups are being irrelevant. Nowadays majority of us have adopted middle path of Hinduism and Buddhism which reflect from our Invitation-cards which contain pictures of Lord Ganesh and Lord Shakyamuni Buddha both. We are also celebrating Buddhist festivals along with Hindu festivals. In my opinion, we should go with well known titles rather than insisting on common title because our titles like Shakya, Saini, Maurya and Kushwaha, all have big values due to great past works of our ancestors. But we must leave titles with little values like Kumar, Singh, Saxena, Verma, Mehta, Mahto, Chaudhary, Gahlot, Bhujbal etc.
    Jai Hind….. Jai Shakya……. Jai Kushwaha………..