Thinking the Future, Searching the past


Thinking the future , searching the past

Nothing i saw ,what the last.

Its The normal thinking we have  , We keep making plans for  futures  and  Always   talks about the past ,  where the present is stand here.  Life is all about living the moments . we cant  guarantee how many year we can live  or  when we are going to die , we keep busy in making money and   doing  our responsibilities in life ,  these all are part of  life Not  the life itself.

We cant live  a life were we cant  even remember the moments of some  happiness, we forget to smile , life  never meant that way  ,  duties  in life is other things and  living the  life is totally other thing.   we all getting more busy in our  work  and plans , we keep making daily plans  and  always  try  get more and  more  as much we can, but its human nature it never be  satisfied.

when i see peoples , all getting busy but  what they earn and what they loss this is important  question,  sure we need money to sustain  but again question how much.  money is  important in life  to fulfill its need.   we   getting away from  our relatives , our society , our  requirement increases as we grow  and getting more busy in life  finally  at one age we  feel what we earn in life .

the fact we  know all these things  just we cant realize  some time . consider  living a  life  were each second count, make plans , search the past but  same time  live the present , in old age    you will have enough  smiling memories to  have  little smile before die.  No body  going to live millions of year , just live better your part is way of life.