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Kushwaha.in started in  2009  its  almost  7 years  we keep publishing  articles  regarding our history, we keep adding  peoples with years , kushwaha samaj appreciate our  steps ,  to grow  our community   it was needed  to get connected and  provide  services to  kushwaha samaj , we added  matrimonial section in our website to help our community members to  find  better match  for their  son or  daughters ,  as community  it was  important step to    let all  gets connected .

We added   business directory  to help our community business   peoples to  grow  by sharing  their  business details , for  jobs we  added   vacancy section to  help  our new generation to get  job  and   let community grow all round ,  our community  is  full of talents so we added   Guest writing section so they can share their  articles to community members .

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  1. Koeri
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    For the village in Estonia, see Koeri, Estonia.
    The Koeri (or Koiry or Koiri or Kushwaha or mahto or Verma or maurya) are an Indian caste, found largely in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh and some parts of other states of India.

    The history of this caste has been great since ancient times. During the period of Maurya dynasty, this caste came under the Maurya caste, which was the mother of Sakya Kul (Gautama Buddha) from this caste, in ancient times it ruled in many states according to the Buddha religion. It comes in the Kshatriya character whereas the Shakta (Brahmin) religion considers them as auspicious; It is known that Koiri who regards the descendants of Rama is Kshatriya according to Sanatan (Hindu) religion in the 19th century Kushwaha Mahasabab emphasized the need for cultivating a title and Kshatriyas to the sub-caste. Most of the people of the Koyari community cultivate it, hence it is known as a skilled farmer. Many sub-castes of this caste like Murwa, Kachwaha, Kachi, Kushwaha, Mahato, Maurya. That is why people consider themselves a descendant of Maurya and Raja Ramchandra. At present, 14 MPs come from this caste, Bihar Lenin Jagdeo Prasad, one of the great leaders of this caste, and also a Prime Minister of Mauritius has lived. At present, Keshav Prasad Maurya, Swami Prasad Maurya, Nagmani, Upendra Kushwaha and the predecessor Babu Singh are the leader of Kushwaha society.

    whose traditional occupation was as cultivators. They were described in 1896 by Jogendra Nath Bhattacharya as “differ[ing] in nothing” from the agricultural Kurmi caste, other than the Kurmi produce agricultural staples, while the Koeri specialise in vegetables farming, or farming.”[1] An official report of 1941 admired them as being the “most advanced” cultivators in Bihar and said that “Simple in habits, thrifty to a degree and a master in the art of market-vegetables farming, the Koeri is amongst the best of the tillers of the soil to be found anywhere in India.”[2]